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The Earthfoam Morning Person Tea Set


Perfect after a great night’s sleep, this trio of Ceylon tea, kithul syrup, and pure bee honey comes from in and around our rubber tree forests in Sri Lanka.

Our rubber trees are kept company by all kinds of flora and fauna, including tea plants, kithul palms, and honeybees. 

This biodiversity contributes to a healthier overall ecosystem, and it gives our farmers the ability to grow and harvest crops beyond rubber.

Each tea set includes 25 Pyramid Ceylon Tea Bags, a 150ml jar of Kithul Syrup, and a 150ml jar of Pure Bee Honey.

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From our forests, to your front door.
A look inside.

Tea Set

Curl up with a cup of

Ceylon Tea

Grown and harvested by a small, farmer-owned collective, this tea is processed right across the street from the Earthfoam Factory, where workers love being able to smell the tea while they work. Ceylon tea is world-renowned. When brewed, it’s the color of wine with a strong, distinctive taste of malt and caramel.


Add a spoonful of

Kithul Syrup

Kithul is a type of palm tree, and its sweet sap has been beloved in Sri Lanka since ancient times. Known for its woody, floral, smoky, and even savory notes, it’s widely used in food, drinks, and dessert. It’s full of antioxidants, amino acids, and has a low glycemic index (28), making it a great alternative natural sweetener.


Or a bloop of

Pure Bee Honey

This multi-flower bee honey is collected from forest bee boxes. It’s raw, filtered, untreated, and unpasteurized. Unique to Sri Lanka, it has a strong sweet flavor with just a hint of bitterness.