Earthfoam Organic Mattress

What a dream. Naturally breathable, comfy but firm, super supportive, and no sinking feeling.

Made of natural rubber from organic farmers in Sri Lanka (we know them), organic wool from New Zealand sheep (we know them, too), and soft organic cotton.

Free shipping (contiguous United States) and free returns.

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What gives Earthfoam its Earthfoaminess?

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There’s no wrong side of this bed.

Earthfoam absorbs pressure instantly and returns to its original shape the moment you move. This keeps you comfortable all night, in any position, without bothering anyone else in bed. 

The high density of our foam provides stability for people of all shapes and sizes, and the breathability of our materials dissipates body heat as you sleep.

Keep in mind, as much as you may like the idea of sleeping on a cloud, our bodies prefer it firm. Even our medium mattress is on the firmer side to support your spine, cradle your joints, and prevent back pain.

Cross section cut of the mattress showing all of the materials and foam


Expertly made with five plush layers.

Earthfoam Base

This firm layer of foam rubber provides a stable and comfortable base while absorbing pressure and dissipating body heat.

Earthfoam Comfort Layer

An extra comfort layer of foam comes next, designed to conform to your body and prevent pressure points and back pain.

Organic Wool Batting

Wool keeps the surface of our mattress soft and cool, and its natural fire resistance meets federal flammability requirements without added chemicals.

Organic Cotton Quilt Backing

Unseen but important, a layer of German-made organic cotton tricot fabric holds together the face fabric and wool for extra durability.

Organic Cotton Knit Face

We use an organic cotton knit fabric designed specifically for our products. It provides a soft outside surface without restricting the movement of the foam.

Block of Earthfoam


Tapped like syrup. Molded like jello. Baked like a cake.

Natural rubber is so good. But it’s misunderstood.

This springy material comes from trees. Trees! The word rubber sounds plasticky and artificial, but it’s the most natural, breathable, durable, and sustainable material available for mattresses.

We source our liquid rubber from a network of independent farmers in Sri Lanka, and we process it at our own factory nearby. To bond liquid rubber molecules into plush foam, we mix it with a small amount of sulfur, zinc oxide, accelerators, and antioxidants. Our foam has earned the most stringent organic, fair trade, and health certifications available.

Our mattresses also feature GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton. Our wool comes from a farmer-owned collective in New Zealand dedicated to high-quality wool, happy sheep, and sustainability. Our cotton is grown in India and Turkey without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizer and processed in certified organic factories in Canada, Germany, and Pakistan.


Like new, night after night.

Our mattresses are made to last up to three times longer than the one you have now.

Natural foam rubber is famous for its durability, and we rigorously test our mattresses to meet higher-than-industry standards. For peace of mind, we include a comprehensive 10-year warranty with every purchase.

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Peace of Mind

Certified to help you sleep easier.

As a small, independent company, we make every decision ourselves. We’ve worked hard to control as much of our process as possible to do right by the people, places, and animals we rely on.

Our products carry several internationally recognized certifications for meeting stringent fair trade, organic, safety, and emissions standards.

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We want shopping for an Earthfoam mattress to be as nice as sleeping on one.

Free shipping & free returns

We ship for free to the lower 48 U.S. states.

100-night trial

Our mattresses can be returned within 100 days for any reason. No questions asked.

10-year warranty

We stand behind all of our products and include a comprehensive 10-year warranty for our mattresses.

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