Earthfoam Organic Pillow

This head-sized bed is springy, soft, and supportive.

Made of natural foam rubber and two outer layers of soft organic cotton.

This pillow comes in one size (27x15x6.5 inches). It is ideally suited for queen-size pillowcases but will also fit in roomy standard pillowcases and king pillowcases.

Free shipping (contiguous United States) and free returns.

Two women lying on bed with pillow in between them
Side view of pillow and mattress


Perfectly Pillowy

The breathability of the cotton cover and open cell structure of the foam keep it cool and comfy.

A bit of advice: this pillow really does hold it’s spongy shape and is meant for people who like a lot of head support. If you get frustrated with flattened pillows or find yourself folding them in half, this is your dream. If you’re a stomach sleeper or the type who prefers molding a pillow to your comfort, this may not be the one for you.

Pillow with case pulled back showing the foam interior


Expertly made with a soft cover and squishy center.

Natural Foam Rubber Core

Our pillow contains natural foam rubber made in The Netherlands. We use a special process (called Talalay) that results in an even softer, springier, airier foam ideal for pillows.

Organic Cotton Inner Cover

This light liner of stretchy organic cotton allows the foam to easily conform to your body.

Organic Cotton Washable Cover

The pillow’s outer cover is completely removable and washable. It’s made of preshrunk organic cotton that gives the pillow a soft, cool surface.

Peace of Mind

Certified to help you sleep easier.

As a small, independent company, we make every decision ourselves. We’ve worked hard to control as much of our process as possible to do right by the people, places, and animals we rely on.

Our products carry several internationally recognized certifications for meeting stringent fair trade, organic, safety, and emissions standards.

Earthfoam pillow shot with person laying on mattress.

We want shopping for an Earthfoam pillow to be as nice as sleeping on one.

Free shipping & free returns

We ship for free to the lower 48 U.S. states.

30-night trial

Our pillows can be returned within 30 days for any reason. No questions asked.

5-year warranty

We stand behind all of our products and include a comprehensive 5-year warranty for our pillows

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