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Behind the Dreams: Our New Collaboration

You might have seen our recent collaboration on Instagram—miniature worlds created by Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland from Beefs World. We're proud of these small, imaginative spaces and want to share the creative effort behind them. Take a look behind the scenes and see the magic that brought these tiny worlds to life.

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When we wanted to launch a new collaboration for 2024, we knew we wanted to do something a bit surrealist and abstract... really embracing the sleep dreams are made of. That is when we found Beefs World. A creative duo that specializes in making these miniature alternative universes, who in their own words "In Beef’s World, anything is possible, and nothing is ever the same."

Seeing their work, we anticipated a great fit, but the fascinating creation process was unexpected. We feel like we owe it to the work to share how it was made.

three Earthfoam mattress scenes
The finished work. View it on our Instagram page.

Drifting along the river.

Since the first two sets covered land and sky, we wanted to do something that involved water... and what better way to connect an Earthfoam mattress than a lazy river.

"We also wanted to build a backrooms-inspired set, something that feels like you're in the middle of a dream, with a lazy river moving through the interior space. This one was unexpectedly hard to film. As the "water" is clear plastic, it was hard to disguise any of the motion elements, which ultimately ended up being a clear string pulling a magnet from below the "river" to puppeteer the bed.  It was so much fun for us to create soothing, atmospheric worlds for the Earthfoam mattress to inhabit."

-Aleia Murawski

a model Earthfoam mattress floating above clouds

Float on.

Two of sets were built to feature the mattress floating above a prairie and mountaintop. While this might sound straight-forward, it was incredibly intricate and took a lot of work to make happen.

"We wanted to build a miniature Earthfoam mattress and create strange, earthly, cozy sets around the bed. We have always wanted to build a rotating set, and we were thrilled to finally have the perfect project to create this. The mattress is hovering over a wheel of either miniature clouds or miniature grass and trees. We thought the bed being suspended above the world, hovering slightly, felt dreamlike and strange."

-Aleia Murawski

a model Earthfoam mattress and pillows floating above a green landscape

We could not have been happier with how these turned out. To see the finished products as well as more behind-the-scenes content and video, please visit our Instagram page.

a model of a lazy river